Meet S. Flynn Designs

Hey there, we are S. Flynn.  You may see our signs popping up in various locations around the area.  You may follow us on Instagram.  You may have a friend that we have designed for.  But who are “we” exactly and what do we do?  I’m glad you asked. Let’s talk first about how things work around here before we jump into the introductions. 

S. Flynn is a Design + Build Firm. What this means is that we design first and then we build.  We design custom homes, small scale commercial projects, and remodels from conception to turnkey.  We draw up floor plans, create 3D renderings, estimate projects, and contract builds and remodels of all sizes.  The beauty of us contracting our own projects (more about that later) is that we get to oversee all the little details that make a home really stand out.  We began as a design firm first and grew into being able to include a contractor, which is opposite of most of the builders in our area and is one of the things that makes us special.  Before we did our own contracting, we struggled to get our designs to the final stages when we worked alongside generally traditional contractors and builders in our area.  Our clients wanted new and unique designs and many builders fought it because it was out of their norm.  They priced concepts too high and this forced many clients to forgo the design part altogether.  We were frustrated.  But out of our frustration came an amazing blessing. Now, let’s back track a bit.

I (Sadie) started S. Flynn in 2012 as a part-time design business that got a quick jumpstart when I landed a commercial job designing for a local bakery.  This job was a huge blessing to S. Flynn as it resulted in a lot of immediate local exposure in our tight knit community.  As the business began to grow, a need for another designer arose and Whitney entered the picture.  The two of us continued working together part-time until 2017 when Brooke was hired as an assistant and purchaser with the plan to grow her into a third designer.  

All the while, we remained part-time, but I began to feel a call to bigger things as my passion for the business end grew.  I, and my husband Kyle’s, ultimate dream was to grow the business enough that he could leave his job as an airplane mechanic and we could work as a team at S. Flynn.  We saw so many gaps in the local market that we could potentially fill and I had a deep longing to grow to the point of filling them.  Meanwhile, our client list was growing too (so great!), but so was my stress level (not great!).  It became clear that the time had come for Kyle to make the jump.  That was about 18 months ago and not at all in the time frame that we had planned for ourselves, but it has been life-changing. 
Fast forward to today and our team looks a bit different.  Whitney and Brooke are now strong designers.  Kyle is our contractor and project manager.  He naturally thinks like an engineer and is great at breaking down a huge goal into manageable small steps.  It has been so fun to see how his skillset and mine complement one another.  And it is so liberating to have OUR. OWN. CONTRACTOR.  Liz joined us about a year ago as our bookkeeper and purchaser, but let’s be honest, she does so much more.  She is like our office mom; sharing her wisdom with us and making sure we are all well fed.  Erin came to S. Flynn just 6 short months ago, but we could not imagine life without her.  She is our marketing director, which means she handles all of our in-house graphic design work, marketing plans, and basically keeps us organized.  She is also helping to get our online store up and running, which is so exciting.  Last, but not least is Arryn, who just joined us.  She helps us prep and style for photoshoots and edits blog posts like this one, so I don’t have any run-on sentences and misspell all the words!

So, that is the “we.” Let me introduce you to our team….

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