Ultra Cool Ranch

I am pumped to share our project Ultra-Cool Ranch! This project got its name for several reasons:

1. It began as a 1990’s style ranch

2. The clients wanted predominantly cool tones

3. These clients are so cool!

So, as I mentioned, this project began as a 1990’s ranch. Our clients purchased it knowing that they would need to change a few things to suit their family. Their goals for the remodel included: enlarge the kitchen and living spaces and make them open to one another, add a large kitchen island, and update the finishes in the kids’ / guest bathroom. They wanted the interior to embody their style, so this meant bringing in lots of cool, gray tones and contemporary elements.

Prior to the remodel, this home had a kitchen / dining / living space that featured a vaulted ceiling. The kitchen was separated from the other two spaces by a non-load-bearing wall that did not go up to the ceiling. Since the wall did not serve a structural purpose or house any mechanics, we were able to knock it down to open up the entire space. Additionally, there was a sunroom off of the dining area that we could utilize as an addition to create a large living room. The demolition phase left us with one large, open area that we could now re-work to design the open concept kitchen of our clients’ dreams.

The clients decided that they wanted a large island in this space and felt that if it was large enough, it would eliminate a need for a dining table. They instead, opted for a small seating area, in addition to the living room; perfect for early morning coffees. We love specific and unique choices like this. It means that, in the end, the space will be customized just for our clients and the way they live.

As we began to design the open concept kitchen layout, we ran into a couple of issues, so we got to work brainstorming some creative solutions.

First, the laundry room (which was more of a closet size) was located directly off of the garage entry that led into the kitchen. We chose to relocate this to the basement to make room for a walk-in pantry. Secondly, the window that was previously located over the sink was now off-center in our new design layout. We opted to enclose the original window and add two larger ones that flanked the new modern, range-hood. Once we had these minor obstacles figured out, the rest of the design was smooth sailing.

The clients’ new kitchen features a lot of dark, moody elements. The cabinetry on the back wall is a deep gray stain, and the back countertops are a matte black concrete. The island cabinetry is also a matte black with darkened iron hardware and is lit by black, geometric pendants. The main sink is black as well as the faucet. And let’s not overlook the amazing new stairwell divide, made up of a drywalled half wall and topped with a black steel and glass half wall. As you can see, our accent color of choice here was black.

We balanced all of these beautiful black-on-black details by adding in some light, bright elements starting with the wall color. It is a gorgeous soft gray that is cool, but not cold. Additionally, the light, quartz island countertop, stacked square backsplash and cool gray luxury plank flooring all contribute to the balanced end result. All of these cooler accents keep the black elements from becoming too dominant. As I said before, the clients love the cool gray tones, adding these throughout the entire design keeps the rooms visually cohesive. 

To tie the kitchen into the living room, we used the same paint color and also repeated the 4” vertical, white shiplap. This was used along the back wall of the new kitchen and is a focal point of the living room fireplace. Along each side of this fireplace, we added large windows and built-in window seats. These add storage for blankets and games and also provide additional seating for family gatherings.

When they are not hosting guests, the entire family can fit on their spacious, custom couch. It has not one, but two chaises and can literally fit the whole family comfortably! It’s the perfect cozy spot to take in the stunning sunrises that you can see out of the living room windows (if you’re up early enough). We finished out this space with carpet that pulls gray tones to coordinate with the wall color. We debated carrying the plank flooring into the living space, but ultimately the clients wanted the soft feeling of carpet in this space. We love how it turned out! The break in the ceiling where the sunroom and addition were put on, created an easy transition to go from plank flooring to carpet.

Thanks for checking out Project Ultra Cool Ranch. This design was all about incorporating and fulfilling our clients’ needs and wants as a family to create a beautiful and comfortable home. We love how it turned out for them and hope it is an inspiring space for many years to come!

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