Christmas Table Settings

Christmas may or may not look a little different for you this year. Maybe this is your first time hosting a small family gathering at your home or maybe you’re having your extended family over for a big meal. Regardless, we are here to help with some simple table setting ideas to make that part of your get together stress-free.

We sourced some cost-effective and compostable plates, napkins, flatware, and cups to make this setting completely disposable. This look doesn’t scream “paper plates!” but instead, looks simplistic and put together all while keeping clean up to a minimum. Going this route means that you will spend more time with your guests and less time at the kitchen sink.

Purchasing dinner-sized and dessert plates make sense functionally, but it also adds a nice layering element to your setting.

We cut the top off of a small paper bag and used twine and a rosemary sprig to create the flatware bundle placed on top of the plates. This idea keeps the table neat and tidy and presents guests with their utensils and napkins in a pretty package. It also dresses up the simple paper napkin a bit.

If setting your table for a large party intimidates you, you are not alone. This look shows you how you can use what you already have at home (very cost effective) to set an elegant holiday table. Now, you may or may not have a set of neutral dishes and gold flatware like we have shown here, but don’t let that stop you from using what is available in your cabinets. Swap in a variety of dishes for a gathered, eclectic vibe. Use any glasses and stemware that you have and mix and match these as well. I just hosted a thanksgiving meal where every other person had a different water glass and it worked just fine. Make it look intentional.

If you don’t have cloth napkins, simply fold a dish towel to look like one and place it between a large and small plate or use it under your flatware. Dress up your finished product with an apple, a sprig of rosemary, or a piece of pine cut from outside. Use what you have around the house.

Head to nature to create a simple centerpiece using a few tender sprigs of pine. Layer in battery operated lights or taper candles to create ambiance during an evening meal.

For our final holiday place setting, we looked to the shelves at our S. Flynn Home studio. If you are looking to purchase some new items for an intimate dinner party or are ready to update some of your dinner and serving ware, this is the look for you. Even if you just need a few new pieces, we hope that this table setting gives you inspiration.

Our first S. Flynn setting includes one of our favorite little items, our Zen Stone, as a favor for guests. It is a beautiful decorative piece atop our Stoneware Plates that your guests can then take home to use as a styling item or paper weight.

This look features so many beautiful S. Flynn items. We used our gorgeous Gold Flatware and Serving Set to add a bit of shine to an otherwise earthy set up. Our Acacia Round Plate serves as a charger between our Stoneware Plates, all of which we set atop one of our Cotton Dish Towels which will act as a cloth napkin. Finish this setting with a Seagrass Glass to tie in the natural wrap of the Zen Stone.

Swap out the stone for a piece of fresh pine for a natural option.

Round out your holiday table with a combination of our Stoneware and Wooden Trees, our White Taper Holders, and some fresh pine and lights. Dim the lights and eat by candlelight to make your guests feel extra special.

So, which holiday table setting speaks to your soul this season? No matter which direction you decide to go, there are a few things to keep in mind when setting your festive table: use layers to add depth and dimension, mix and match textures and colors, add a simple item to the top as a favor, and most importantly, use what feels good to you and enjoy the process. Turn on some music while you work and create a moment. Take the time to be thankful for each guest as you tie together their flatware. Our world has been very unpredictable and uncertain as of late and it can be helpful to slow down and do the small things with great intention. We hope this post helps to bless you and yours this holiday.

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