My Top 3 IKEA Organization Hacks

It happens to me every year at this time. Christmas is over and, while we are SO grateful for all of our new goodies, we are left with boxes, new toys, and a lot of stuff. Our home feels chaotic, which I can embrace for about two days after Christmas, then I get the urge to get my space and myself back in order. I am sure many of you can relate, and while I wouldn’t call it a resolution, I always look forward to decluttering and getting life organized in January.

Pinterest and Instagram are great resources for organization ideas and inspiration, but let’s be real – getting Pinterest-level organized can be expensive! For that reason, we decided to put together a list of some of our favorite affordable IKEA pieces that can be used throughout your home. Whether it is your pantry that is bothering you, the toy room, or the home office, these versatile organization items can come to your rescue like they did for me, as I have personally used all of the things I am about to recommend.

Kallax Shelving Unit

Kallax Shelving Unit

We have used this Kallax shelving unit many times over the years. Most recently, our team used the 12-cubby version in a playroom redo. It is sleek, modern, and offers plenty of organizational space at only $89. The Kallax can be used vertically or horizontally to hold books and a few pretty styling items in an office, or fill the cubbies with bins to hide toys and games in a playroom. IKEA has tons of pretty and affordable bin options. The white basket shown here is currently unavailable, but I will link a similar one in rattan.

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Risatorp Basket

I LOVE this Risatorp basket. It has a high-end look for an inexpensive price. I have these lining the shelves of my home pantry. I use them to group similar items together, such as kids snacks, coffee components, and baking supplies. They look pretty and minimalistic stored with the handles facing forward, allowing the wooden handle to bring some warmth to the space. The handle is also functional; use it to pull out a basket when needed or keep it up and make it into an art supply caddy for the kids.

We also have several of these in the studio to hold samples and notes for upcoming client projects. The bins are metal, so we added magnetic labels with the clients’ names to the front of each basket. This labeling idea could also work well in a pantry, toy room, or home office.

IKEA 365+ Glassware

Ikea 365+ Glassware

This is another IKEA item that I have in my own home. The glass pitchers work great to hold my detergents and softeners so that they are easy to pour when needed. I like to swap out my laundry bottles for these pretty containers and make them functional decor. They are also helpful to keep on hand to use when hosting.

I hope this inspires and encourages you to take control of the function and feel of your home, even if you’re on a budget. Start with the toy room and get rid of what needs to be tossed or donated, then find an organizing system that works for you. This keeps the process from becoming too overwhelming and stressful. Time to grab a friend and schedule your next IKEA trip!

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