Mother’s Day Gift Sets

The next holiday on our radar is Mother’s Day, and we at S. Flynn Home have put together six specialty gift sets to make your gift-giving especially easy (and hopefully enjoyable) this year! We are also excited to launch some fun partnerships with a few local businesses.

Whether you are looking for a small, simple gift or a larger Mother’s Day gift to give along with your siblings, we hope that you will find options to suit your needs.

For the Baker

Our Baker’s Gift Set is the perfect selection for a mother that loves to spend time in the kitchen. It includes a locally authored cookbook, Flour & Grace, our rolling pin, and a set of Stoneware Berry Bowls.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, make Mom a recipe from Valerie’s cookbook like these Strawberries and Cream Mille-Feuille. They looked beautiful served on our Umbra dessert plates.

Deluxe Baker Gift Set

On two of our gift sets, we added a few more items with the idea that gift-giving is sometimes a joint effort. These sets will have a higher price point, but we imagine that you are going together with your siblings as you shop for your mom. Our Ultimate Baker’s Gift Set starts with the same pieces as our smaller set. In addition, it includes our Acacia Egg Holder and Onyx and Wood Measuring Cups.

Tea Lover & Deluxe Tea Lover

Our two Tea Lover sets are meant for the mother who loves a nice cup of tea. Option one includes our Stoneware Tea Pot and a bag of locally produced Gnat & Bee loose leaf tea. Option two includes our Large Utility Jar, which is the perfect vessel for storing tea with a little scoop or spoon.

Include your mom’s favorite baked good for a thoughtful gift that will encourage her to sit and have a bit of time to herself.

The Floral Lover

If your mom is someone who appreciates flowers, our simplistic Floral Lover set will provide our pretty Nala vase for you to fill with purchased or hand-picked flowers. We are blessed in this area with some really talented florists. Some of them now even have their own self-serve stands making finding a last-minute bouquet so easy. In addition, you will get a variety of seed packets for her to plant and enjoy all summer long.

For the Book Lover

Our final gift set caters to the mother who loves a good read. It includes our Cement Bookends, which are an office favorite, and one of our cozy throws. These items are gift enough on their own, but if you need a larger gift, we envision adding an Amazon gift card, a great new book, or a Selah Life Candle.

If you couldn’t tell, we are all about gift-giving that encourages the recipient to take time for themselves. Whether that is a quiet cup of tea or an afternoon spent in the kitchen, we hope that these gift options lead your Mom into her perfect moment.

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