Bye Bye Builder Grade

We’re diving back into the renovation world with a kitchen design update today. See how we turned this basic, small kitchen into a classic modern masterpiece. 

The Problem

The kitchen initially featured quite a few elements that the homeowners were not happy with.  Firstly, it’s layout. The original layout of the kitchen was closed off and small, making it an inefficient space to get any work done. With this remodel, they were hoping to open up their kitchen space to make it more accommodating for both their daily use with the family and when they wanted guests over to entertain. The kitchen is the heart of the home, after all. 

Secondly, the style. The original design for this kitchen did not fit with the homeowners’  aesthetic. It was pretty basic, using builder-grade cabinets and hardware, and had no significant personality or character to it. The clients could get excited about adding pretty backsplash tiles and the laminate countertop was starting to wear. The homeowner’s new space could function better and become a highlight of the home.  

The Goal

So, the goal. With this kitchen update, we firstly wanted to open up the space.  We adjusted the layout and removed a wall, so it wasn’t so closed off from the rest of the main floor, creating a much larger feel. The color choices also aided in opening up the space. Using classic whites and natural wood tones definitely gave this kitchen an airy and inviting vibe. 

We utilized a combination of classic, natural elements like white shaker cabinets, wooden shelving, and barstools, and combined them with very modern pieces like the quartz countertops,  polished nickel accents, and glossy brick backsplash tile. This delicate combination of timeless and modern features took this kitchen from builder grade to beautifully classic modern instantly. 

We also played around with various shades of white in this design. Using the same shade of white for everything would have created a very contemporary look, but it would’ve lacked character and the “classic” vibe that the homeowners were so eager to achieve.  

We used a bright white for the cabinets to make the kitchen feel bigger and it was a very specific request/dream of the clients to have white cabinets.  However, by incorporating warm whites into the backsplash and countertop, we were able to give the space a very welcoming and natural look. The addition of these warmer elements took what would have been a sleek contemporary kitchen and made it classic modern. 

In the end, this builder-grade kitchen update was a success. The homeowners are so happy with their new space. It not only functions better for their family’s needs, but it also has much more!

Character and style to it. We are so happy that we were able to make their dream kitchen a  reality, and we’re SO in love with this classic modern design! Thanks so much for trusting us with your home clients #byebyebuildergrade!

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