How to transition kids’ rooms when you are expecting

Hey guys! We are back with another “how-to” blog! This time we are going to talk about how to transition your kid’s spaces when you have a baby on the way. Kyle and I ran into this issue when we were expecting our last child. Our two oldest, one a girl and the other a boy, each had their own room, but we were in need of a nursery. We needed to transition them into a room together but needed to find a way to cater to both genders. In this blog, I will give you my tips and tricks of how I accomplished this.


Beds, Colors, and Personal Touches

If you read our “Tucked In Cottage on Bunker Hill” blogs, you know our home is not very big. If you haven’t you can read about it here! We needed to move the two oldest into a small room together and fit two beds, two dressers, and all of their belongings. You know what I am talking about moms, all the stuffed animals and necessities our kids need to sleep with. Haha!

Because fitting two beds in this space was going to be difficult, we decided to go with bunk beds. This also helped each kid feel as though they still had their separate spaces. I like the simplicity of these “platform” style bunk beds. It gives the kids spots on the side to set their sippy cups and I can easily move the mattress around to make their beds.


For the colors of this kid’s space, I wanted to keep it gender-neutral, but also fun because it still is a kid’s room. I opted for three of the walls to be white color and an accent wall in a green color to make it fun. By picking this green color it catered to my son and the fact that I knew it would eventually be the boy’s room someday. A plus was that it paired great with the pink and girly lifestyle of my daughter. For the bedding, each kid had the same comforter with the main color being white and an accent color that catered to them, but their sheet sets were different. My son’s being blue and green dinosaurs and my daughter’s being white and pink unicorns. For the furniture, we went with a white oak color. This is what we used throughout the rest of our home and we wanted to carry that throughout this room as well.

Personal Touches

Each bed is where we really expressed who each child is. The choice of bedsheets talked about above. I wanted everything to look symmetrical and put together so I opted for little pieces that could be decorated the same way, but with different items for each kid. One example is bookshelves. Each child has the same one, but I could put each one’s favorite books for them. Another fun piece I added was a picture of each kid at the head of their beds with a picture of themselves. Lastly, each kid has stuffed animals and blankets they can’t live without. With this, you just have to let them have what they want whether it matches or not. They are still kids and with kids, not everything will be perfect, neat, and clean and that is okay 🙂

First are the polished photoshoot pictures and then a more “real life” shot.

For the dresser situation, each kid has their own. They are a matching set with a round black mirror hanging above each one. To make each dresser “their” own, I decorated them the same way, but with different small decor objects that cater to each kid.

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And now onto the nursery! For the nursery, we wanted to keep it neutral. We knew that it would not be a boy’s nursery for very long and turn into a girl’s room again soon. We kept it very simple with white walls and neutral-colored furniture. I love the simplistic look when it comes to a nursery and that is what I wanted for this room. Also, I wanted something that was going to be easy to transition back into my daughter’s room. By keeping it simple, all I needed to do was change out the decor which was very minimal to do.

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