Takin’ Care of Business: Northeast Ohio Commercial Office Design

At S. Flynn Design + Build, we work on a range of projects, from remodels to new builds. But no matter the project type, design is always at the forefront of our process. Our creativity and ability to push the limits define us and set us apart from other studios. When clients reach out to us for our design services, they get to watch their dreams come to life.

No one knows this better than Alpha Construction, a full-service general contractor based in Northeast Ohio. They needed a large headquarters for their Winesburg, Ohio office, so they purchased land with the intent to build. However, design isn’t necessarily in their wheelhouse—they’re a team of project managers and builders. Knowing they’d need some help, Alpha Construction reached out to us at S. Flynn for a unique, state-of-the-art commercial design.

We listened to all their needs, wants, and desires, then drew up the project they’d eventually build. In the end, we gave them a grand 10,000 sq ft commercial office design (plus a full, finished basement!) that we can’t wait to share with you!

Client Needs

Our clients at Alpha Construction wanted to build their headquarters atop a hill overlooking the sprawling Amish country below them. In contrast with the farmland, they wanted the building to look really cool and modern with hints of their core color, blue, incorporated subtly throughout—no Walmart vibes here!

Functionally, they had several musts:

  • A reception area with a closed-off vestibule, providing a go-to place for their clients to grab samples when the office was closed
  • Executive office suites with ensuite bathrooms tucked away from the rest of the building, as well as a private entrance for discreet travel 
  • Office spaces for employees
  • A large conference room that could double as a training facility
  • Ample storage to house job site supplies
  • 2 oversized garage doors 
  • 2 basement apartments 
  • Plenty of room for growth that could later be converted to offices or a bullpen 

In drawing up the plans, we intentionally created an inviting, functional space for employees. We carefully placed the executive suites so they’d overlook the beautiful hills and placed a patio off the group meeting area upstairs so all employees could enjoy the breathtaking views. 

Most importantly, we prioritized all relevant commercial codes and regulations, from the stairs and hallways to the kitchens. Because this design didn’t include an elevator, all amenities offered on the second floor also had to be offered on the first, per regulations. 

Here’s what we came up with:

Commercial Office Design Results

The Entryway

When guests pass through the main entrance of Alpha Construction, they’re first welcomed into an enclosed glass and wood slat vestibule that opens to a comfortable waiting room. After passing through the waiting area, guests then move into the main foyer that leads to a clean-line reception desk in front of an industrial-looking brick pillar. We had lots of fun adding sharp, architectural movement to this space with angular lines and a bold, open staircase.

We designed this facility for a team of knowledgeable builders who really appreciated neat design features, so we designed the windows in the waiting room without sills; instead, drywall meets right up against the window jam, creating a sleek, modern look. And to flood the entryway with natural light—something we incorporated in every room—we designed a massive, floor-to-ceiling window. A live terrarium underneath the stairs gives life to the cool, modern space. 

Executive Suites

Next on our client’s list of must-haves were highly functional, secluded executive suites. We designed these rooms on the far end of the facility in part for privacy but also because they have the best views in the building. Plus, all windows here have drywall returns for a clean, sophisticated edge. 

You can tell these offices are high-end from the moment you enter the room. The glass pivot doors with contrasting sleek white oak jambs offer a classy, professional look that you can’t get with bulky door hardware. The cabinets are custom built and provide ample storage space for hiding bulky items like printers and wires. And to help soundproof these rooms, we laid carpet tiles rather than laminate flooring. 

Conference Room

The conference room is an important space in a commercial office building. It provides a designated location to meet with clients and hold team meetings, so it was essential that the room encapsulated Alpha Construction’s vision. We designed an oak half-wall divider at the entrance with floating glass and pivot doors. Above the conference table, we added an oak ceiling to hide mechanics and create a sense of center within such a big room.

Off to the left, we added a serving station for coffee or food during presentations. We wanted all the cabinetry here to be simple and sleek with integrated pulls.


We designed two kitchens for this building: one on the first floor and one on the second. We purposely placed the downstairs kitchen adjacent to the foyer so receptionists can quickly offer guests a drink, and we put the upstairs kitchen in a central location for easy employee access. Both spaces are modern, with touches of blue as a nod to Alpha Construction’s brand. Like the conference room serving area, we decided against cabinet hardware in the kitchens in favor of integrated pulls with creatively designed circular cutouts. 


The men’s and women’s restrooms are structurally similar but painted in different colors. Importantly, the restrooms needed to withstand frequent use, so we mainly utilized tile and other easily cleanable surfaces. To keep our client’s design within budget, we mixed high-end and affordable elements. The sink, for instance, is from Ikea, but we custom-designed the metal base. 


Alpha Construction said they wanted their building design to look completely unique, so that’s exactly what we gave them. We used a couple different materials on the exterior: traditional stucco and External Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS) stucco that mimics the look of wood. Real wood doesn’t hold up for long, so we like to use maintenance-free materials, especially in Northeast Ohio. 

We wanted to add lots of visual interest, so we intentionally incorporated asymmetrical roof lines and used a few colors, like deep blue, which contrasts with the warm wood tones on the front of the building.

Our client didn’t say they needed a balcony, but with views like theirs, we had to offer something special. We designed two outdoor patios, one out front with a black mini-rib metal parapet wall and another in the back with black railing. We also added a pergola above the front door, made out of real wood and stained in a deep chocolate color to add strong contrast and visual interest. 

Going to work sounds a whole lot better when you get to work here, right?

When you partner with S. Flynn Design + Build, you get a team who listens to your needs every step of the way to make your wildest design dreams come true. Contact S. Flynn Design + Build for your next commercial office design project today.

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