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Finished Basement Built for Entertaining

Tricky spaces are some of our favorites to design at S. Flynn Design + Build because they allow us to flex our creative muscles and dream up unique solutions. Check out this recent basement we finished to see exactly what we mean!

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Lake Me Happy

When our clients purchased this lake house, there was a loft located above the kitchen. But once the pandemic hit, they needed a space to work from home, so we converted the loft into a home office.

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Our clients at Alpha Construction wanted to build their headquarters atop a hill overlooking the sprawling Amish country below them. In contrast with the farmland, they wanted the building to look really cool and modern with hints of their core color, blue, incorporated subtly throughout.

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Bye Bye Builder

We adjusted the layout and removed a wall to open up the kitchen creating a much larger feel. The color choices also aided in opening up the space. Using classic whites and natural wood tones definitely gave this kitchen an airy and inviting vibe.

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Falling In Love With This Farmhouse

While these homeowners loved the character of their house, they wanted to make the space their own. We combined modern and vintage pieces to give a more eclectic look. 

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I'm Coming Home

Our clients purchased their family farm, and the last update on the home was about 20 years ago. In addition to aesthetic updates on the interior and exterior, we were able to add some pretty great changes to the overall floor plan and layout of the home.

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We modernized the furniture and decor for a more updated look while embracing the warmth everyone cherished. To meet the client’s functional needs, we carved out special, unique spaces with purpose for maximum flow.

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