Maranatha Bible Church Remodel

We love a good commercial interior design project here at S. Flynn Design + Build. So today, we’re thrilled to share a commercial remodel that left our client signing hallelujah!

After opening its doors nearly 20 years ago, Maranatha Bible Church was due for some updates. Over the years, the Akron, Ohio church expanded, adding wings and corridors to welcome its growing following. The church’s grand foyers were truly breathtaking, but the numerous passageways and multiple points of entry looked outdated and lacked flow. Ready for a renovation, the church committee reached out to us for help.

We orchestrated a complete church remodel for Maranatha that we can’t wait to share with you!

Client Needs: Function First

Most importantly, our client wanted to maximize functionality. They had a few practical requests at the top of their wishlist:

  • Control the flow of high-traffic areas. Sundays are, of course, busy at Maranatha. Sunday school ends as the Sunday service congregation arrives, creating lots of foot traffic in the entranceway. Plus, the church provides light bites and drinks in the cafe for members before service, which further crowds the foyer. The committee wanted the church remodel to help encourage movement in the cafe to prevent congestion in the main passageways.
  • Suit diverse crowd sizes. This large space needed to work for large and small groups. Sundays are lively and crowded, though weekdays are more intimate, as the church hosts bible studies and small group functions.
  • Provide easy access to information. The church had tons of information to display between the welcoming center and two grand hallways, one showcasing missionaries all over the world and the other exhibiting local outreach. Our client wanted to spruce up the lackluster hallways and provide a home for informational flyers for new visitors in the welcome center.

Room–by–Room Church Remodel Transformations

We wanted Maranatha to have a more inviting atmosphere, but appealing to folks across generations isn’t always easy. Some of the elderly community members were emotionally tied to the church as it stood, though the younger demographic wanted a space that felt modern and cool.

Ultimately, we modernized the furniture and decor for a more updated look while embracing the warmth everyone cherished. And to meet the client’s functional needs, we carved out special, unique spaces with purpose for maximum flow:

Church Foyer

In one of the expansive foyers, we created two living room settings perfectly suited for intimate gatherings with a cozy, skim coat fireplace. We brightened the space by putting warm white paint on the walls and introduced calming blue-green pops of color throughout the design. The large-scale carpet tile invites a homey atmosphere and provides a safe walking surface for older congregation members. Plus, the carpet absorbs sound bouncing off the tall ceilings, which helps improve acoustics. 

As an Ohio-based interior design studio, we have some fantastic Amish Country furniture connections that create pieces built to withstand wear and tear. At Maranatha, we supplied our own furniture, including a built-in seating area with hidden storage and gorgeous blue upholstery pads that tie in with the color scheme. 

To add more warmth to the foyer and juxtapose some of the modern furniture, we selected warm leathers and neutral white oak slat wall panels, which help create a sense of place. The plant walls, made with faux snake plants for ease, also help divide the large foyer. 


We seamlessly carried the warm whites and light, natural oak through to the cafe while keeping practicality at the forefront of our design. Instead of carpet flooring, we selected a hard surface for easy cleaning and added a pergola-covered mobile cart that can function as a table if the church needs extra seating. The wishbone chairs and round pedestal tables help modernize the eating area for a contemporary feel.

Welcome Center

As per our clients’ request, we clearly delineated the welcome area and provided a place to store pamphlets and flyers. The welcome area now epitomizes the church’s aesthetic, featuring modern white lettering, an oak ceiling feature, and a peaceful blue accent wall.

Youth Lounge Area

This little corner is where the youth congregate in between services. (Prior to this church remodel, we actually designed two large youth rooms at Maranatha!) We wanted this space to be utilitarian yet stylish, so we added some fun, modern lighting and selected low-profile leather chairs that can easily be wiped down. We even constructed a 14 ft couch for the kids to relax on!

Missions & Legacy Hallways

The picture frames previously hanging in the missions and legacy hallways were dated and heavy. In their place, we mounted clear, acrylic frames for a fresh, new look.

We’re so pleased with the result of this commercial interior design remodel! But make no mistake—creating a space that functions well for large and small gatherings is no easy feat. For help facilitating all the functional needs of a commercial space while maintaining an intimate, warm atmosphere, contact S. Flynn Design + Build today!

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