S. Flynn Home: Fall Tablescape

Whether you are just having a small get-together with your family or having a huge party for Thanksgiving, this fall tablescape guide will help give your table just what it needs to be company-ready!

Our Starters

Step 1

Build Your Foundation

The key to remember is, it does not have to be perfect. You do not need to spend a lot of money on faux pieces or real flowers. While creating this setting, we used flowers from around the house and the backyard. We added in pieces of faux pampas grass, available at S. Flynn Home.

Step 2

Add Height

For this table setting, we added height with candlesticks. When adding height it is always good to remember they should not all be the same height, so use different sizes. If you have all the same height of candles and candlesticks that is completely fine, you do not need to buy new candlesticks or candles. A little trick you can do is just burn some of the candles down to create variations in height. We also used different kinds of taper candle holders to keep the imperfect look going.

Step 3

Set the Place Setting

To create this place setting we used small wooden cutting boards, uniquely shaped plates, and colorful glasses to add a little color and fun. We also used linen napkins to soften it up. If you do not have linen napkins that are okay, once again use what you have access to and keep the imperfect theme going by using tea towels and mix-matching them in the different settings.

Step 4

Add Little Personalized Details

Add little details to make your guests feel special! We did this by using our picture clip stand to hold a place card with each guest’s name on it. To make it even more personal and fun you can ask them to bring a throwback picture to help spark fun conversations and stories. Another way to personalize your table would be to serve your favorite seasonal drink. Ours is a simple Bourbon Apple Cider Sparkling Cocktail. Find the recipe here!

We hope this fall tablescape guide helps you build the perfect fall table! Shop the goodies used in this blog at our store S. Flynn Home.

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